Today's Challenges

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Cloud Provisioning Features

When capacity is the root cause, AppDynamics enables you to dynamically provision application resources to respond to real-time demand and service level requirements. By leveraging cloud and virtual infrastructure on an as-needed basis, you can eliminate the need to over-provision to account for peak loads. Policy-driven alerts, notifications, and workflows can be triggered to automatically address problems and ensure the continuous operation of application services. More>>

Today's Challenges

Applications based on distributed Java, .NET, SOA and open source architectures are providing organizations with the ability to build applications better, faster, and cheaper. At the same time, the emergence of cloud and virtualization technologies have created radically new ways to deploy applications and manage capacity.

But IT operations and infrastructure professionals now face a set of new challenges:

  • Distributed applications, especially ones that use a mix of open source and proprietary components, are extremely difficult to monitor and troubleshoot. They often contain blind spots that result in critical problems.
  • Competitive time-to-market pressure has created the need for agile development approaches and much more frequent updates to production applications. Business units are increasing their demands on application development and operations to introduce and support new capabilities.
  • Performance issues must be prevented immediately, since many of these applications provide revenue-critical services to the company.
  • Resolution processes must be designed to enable instant collaboration between operations and development.
  • Legacy APM tools are not built for virtual and cloud environments, and are unable to provide the breadth and depth that revenue-critical applications need.

AppDynamics is the only APM provider built to handle all of these challenges. Differentiators:

Wide AND Deep visibility at the same time

  • Built for highly distributed/SOA applications
  • Auto-discovers application map in minutes
  • Business transaction centric, not component centric
  • Code-level diagnostics, with low overhead
Built for Cloud
  • Monitors performance and capacity of cloud applications
  • Dynamically scales applications in cloud, virtual and physical environments
  • Able to Monitor AND Act
Easy to deploy and use
  • Delivers value in minutes
  • “Google Traffic Map” approach to monitoring
  • Automates service level policies via Dynamic Baselines

We invite you to experience the difference for yourself. Take the free trial, and draw your own conclusions. There’s an easy way to ensure application health and performance.