Netuitive for VMware

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Self-learning and Pro-active Performance Management

Netuitive self-learning performance management software replaces human guesswork with automated mathematics and analysis to understand normal system behavior across IT silos, isolate root causes and forecast problems for mission-critical applications. Read More...

Netuitive optimizes your systems monitoring including:


Netuitive for VMware

Take command of your VMware environment's performance

Named a “Best of VMworld” winner, Netuitive for VMware is the only self-learning performance management software for VMware-based virtualized environments.   The software is an example of a solution combining Netuitive’s core analytics with a highly scalable, VMware Ready™ certified integration to VMware vCenter or vSphere.

A genuine industry breakthrough, this fully automated solution supports rapid adoption of virtualization by eliminating performance blind spots and giving you the confidence to effectively manage your virtualized infrastructure.

  • Provides end-to-end visibility into performance of virtual infrastructures

  • Automatically identifies any “badly behaving” VM impacting host performance
  • Isolates root-causes, with seamless drill-down from clusters, hosts, and resource pools to individual VM and application
  • Fully automates monitoring administration
  • Eliminates human error by requiring no manual rules,
    scripts or thresholds

Just as virtualization represents a whole new way of deploying infrastructure, it only stands to reason that you need a whole new way of managing its performance. Only Netuitive correlates monitoring inputs across both physical and virtual layers and self-learns the interrelated dependencies that make up overall performance. In fact, effective management of virtualized infrastructures without Netuitive software is humanly impossible.  

Discover the persuasive case for self-learning performance management of virtualized infrastructures with Netuitive for VMware:

  • Forecasts problems up to 2 hours in advance — before they impact your business
  • Diagnoses problems 10 times faster
  • Reduces false alerts 99 percent
  • Increases IT staff productivity 50 percent
  • Increases VM Host utilization up to 20%

Read about how Netuitive enables you to manage performance across your Virtual Data Center — including for servers hosts, storage, network and VMs.