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Self-learning and Pro-active Performance Management

Netuitive self-learning performance management software replaces human guesswork with automated mathematics and analysis to understand normal system behavior across IT silos, isolate root causes and forecast problems for mission-critical applications. Read More...

Netuitive optimizes your systems monitoring including:


How it works

Behavior Analysis Engine Netuitive's Unique and Sophisticated Patented Technology

Built on nine patented technologies and techniques resulting from over 20 years of academic and commercial research and development, Netuitive's Behavior Analysis Engine provides the platform for breakthrough solutions that assure system performance, quality, and availability. Completely self-learning, self-configuring and continuously adaptive, this unique technology performs sophisticated statistical trends analysis and multi-variable correlation to automatically determine normal system behavior, measure and predict deviations from the norm and interpret symptoms for proper alerting and diagnosis. Netuitive's latest technological innovation adds the capability to account for expected seasonal events, such as holiday, payroll and quarterly demand on servers.

Its unique characteristics make the Behavior Analysis Engine the ideal platform for advanced performance monitoring solutions.

  • Speed – It takes only milliseconds to analyze and correlate thousands of simultaneous inputs.
  • Low processing requirements – A highly efficient approach enables Netuitive to perform, on a standard off-the-shelf server, massive calculations that would otherwise require a mainframe computer.
  • Adaptive – The technology self-learns an environment's normal behavior, automatically generates Dynamic Thresholds, and performs all of its algorithmic computations with no manual configuration required.
  • Minimal storage – Netuitive requires no large historical databases. Instead it uses a proprietary scoring method that checks data as fast as it is received.

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