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Why AppDynamics Lite?

  • You need a way to troubleshoot java performance in production
  • Designed for high-volume production environments (unlike a Profiler)
  • Same core tech as that used by major organizations such as Priceline
  • No more than 2% overhead according to our standard

Why Free?

We're passionate about helping IT operations and developers fight fires. We do have a commercial product, but we want to empower the communities we care about, regardless of whether or not they're ready to buy an APM solution. And to show you all our cards, there's a benefit to us as well: we believe that once people see the power of our free tool, they'll be interested in finding out more about our commercial product.


Free Downloads: AppDynamics Lite

AppDynamics is the very first free product designed for troubleshooting java performance in production environments.

Are you:

  • In charge of production environments and need to ensure smooth java performance?
  • An architect or developer who needs to do load testing in development?
  • Looking to troubleshoot problems instantly?
  • Not ready to purchase a full monitoring tool?

If so, AppDynamics Lite is built for you!

AppDynamics Lite is easy to use and you can: deploy it immediately, get started in 2 minutes and Find root cause in a matter of minutes like:

  1. Find which business transactions are showing slow response
  2. Drill down into slow requests, errors, and stalls
  3. Diagnose at the code level: Gain 100% visibility into each class and method performance and identify poor performing SQL

By clicking on the "Download Now" button, you agree to accept our Terms of Service