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Self-learning and Pro-active Performance Management

Netuitive self-learning performance management software replaces human guesswork with automated mathematics and analysis to understand normal system behavior across IT silos, isolate root causes and forecast problems for mission-critical applications. Read More...

Netuitive optimizes your systems monitoring including:


Case Studies

  • Video - Analyst Presents Independent Case Study of Netuitive Customers
    Independent analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates presents findings from a 2009 survey done on four of Netuitive's customers. This 15-minute video highlights how these organizations were able to implement the self-learning capabilities of Netuitive and achieve ROI in as little as 3-months.
  • Major Financial Firm
    Uses Netuitive to overcome virtualization mananagement challenges and deploys VMs enterprise-wide. Says Netuitive give "3-D view" of virtual infrastructure and relates example where Netuitive arned of impending performance problem 15 hours in advance.
  • Mobile Device and Services Company
    Monitors top mission critical applications using Netuitive. Netuitive reduced alerts from 600 per day to 60 actionable alerts per week - eliminating 99% of false alerts. Improved alerting enables proactive management and save company millions of dollars in downtime and service level penalties.
  • Large Telecommunications Company
    Forecasted performance problems in critical activation services during device launch, allowing operations staff to proactively address the problem. Proactively monitor over 5,000 servers, 300 applications and 700 databases in 8 data centers using Netuitive.
  • Wachovia
    Proactively monitors mission-critical services such as FX trading with real-time dashboard view and Netuitive predictive analytics. Regularly forecast performance problems and isolate root cause 2+ hours before service is impacted. This has a major impact on revenues and customer retention.
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
    Automates performance management administration with Netuitive adaptive baselining. Enhanced alerts provides 2+ hour lead time on IT systems performance problems.
  • Direct Cosmetic Seller
    Automates diagnostic tasks and workload reports that took two full time FTEs to accomplish on a weekly basis. Environment includes key applications running on Win OS and UNIX servers. The company also was able to forecast database server performance issues 2+ hours in advance.
  • National Institute of Health
    Automates threshold management and baselining in Win OS based servers and applications, with saving 20 man-hours per week per FTE. Using Netuitive, NIH is also more confident than ever of delivering promised service levels.