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Cloud Provisioning Features

When capacity is the root cause, AppDynamics enables you to dynamically provision application resources to respond to real-time demand and service level requirements. By leveraging cloud and virtual infrastructure on an as-needed basis, you can eliminate the need to over-provision to account for peak loads. Policy-driven alerts, notifications, and workflows can be triggered to automatically address problems and ensure the continuous operation of application services. More>>

Why AppDynamics?

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Next Generation Application Performance Management and Monitoring

AppDynamics is the only Application Performance Management (APM) and monitoring solution built specifically for distributed Java / .NET applications. AppDynamics delivers rapid problem resolution through easy-to-use transaction flow monitoring and deep diagnostics. Unlike other APM providers, AppDynamics finds the root cause of performance problems without introducing excess overhead or requiring a complex and costly installation. AppDynamics is also the first APM provider to dynamically scale applications in cloud, virtual, and physical environments.

AppDynamics allows users to:

  • Discover and map business transactions
  • Monitor and detect performance policy violations
  • Troubleshoot via the visual display of business transaction flows
  • Diagnose and resolve performance problems
  • Dynamically scale applications in cloud and virtual environments